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Back off bitch, he's mine! [entries|friends|calendar]
Claim Draco Malfoy

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Mod's Journal

Draco Malfoy = Sex God
What's all this about?

Welcome to ! A claiming community for all you Draco lovers out there who’d fancy owning a piece of Draco ;) Here the rule is: if you can think it, you can claim it. So what are you waiting for? Read the rules, post and take a piece of Draco home with you today! But hurry…a hunk like Draco doesn’t stay on the market for long!

Fancy a Draco?
Yes, I do!
Now how do I go about claiming him?

::Step One:: Read the rules! (Below or on the Info page)
::Step Two:: Make a post with your request(s)
::Step Three:: Once you have posted with a request, one of the mods will comment saying your claim has been approved and updated on the ‘taken’ list
::Step Four:: Ravage and enjoy! ;)


Rules 1) This community will begin with 2 claims per person, if we find a very large number of claims coming this rule will be changed soon. Mod and Co-Mod get as many claims as our little hearts desire. Don't worry though, we won't take 'em all *grins* I did limit myself to five.
2) You many NOT claim something that has already been claimed, you MUST check the list (info page) before you are to claim something to make sure it has not been already.
3) Do not post other community advertisements on this community, they will be deleted.
4) You may post quiz results, surveys, pictures, news, even fanfics…etc as long as they are about Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton. I want you to have fun in this community.
5) Because of the above rule, when making a claim write "Claim" as your subject on your post so there is less confusion.
6) When posting a very long post which is not a claim, or a large picture, use an lj-cut. I assume you can all judge for yourselves what a large post would be.
7) You may not claim Tom Felton. He is not Draco. Of course, I claimed Draco Malfoy himself, I get to do that because I'm the mod *grins*
8) Claiming may get extremely specific, but not to an absurd point. For example, if someone was to claim Draco’s room, people could still claim his bed, his bed sheets, his pillow, his mirror, etc.
9) If your journal has been deleted, or you switch journals without letting us know, your claims will be put up for grabs. So if you switch journals take a second to post and let us know.
10) Claims are very much tradable! (look at the sharing policy on the info page to how this should be done and proved)

Want More?
Extra claims can be earned by helping me out on the community with banners, link buttons, blinkies, colour bars, etc. Just contact me by e-mail or in my personal journal telling me you’d like extra claims and we'll work something out.


Would you like to become an Affiliate? Then please comment in my personal journal dr3amer or contact me at draco_is_sexy@hotmail.com

Fun Stuff!
i'm in slytherin!

::Contests:: {to be updated soon}
::Quizzes:: {to be updated soon}
::Related Sites:: {to be updated soon}

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I'd like to claim... [Friday
August 25th, 2006]

I'd like to claim Draco's french kiss.

Claming.... [Friday
August 25th, 2006]

I would like to claim any future earings of Draco's.

January 1st, 2006]

i'd like to claim:
draco malfoy's kiss.

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